My conviction and my craving for Black people to have a future that exceeds our wildest dreams is what drove me to plan a bicycle protest. 

I paired relevancy, storytelling, branding, and actionable steps with something I love to do in my spare time: biking. This formula resulted in a successful bicycle protest for the City of Cleveland. Once I fleshed out my vision and story, I set out to work with a designer for the branding. 

The branding of Bike the Block was metaphorical in every way. The tattered look speaks to how long we've been fighting for justice as well as how hard it has been. My goal was to offer something clean, culturally relevant, and something that resonated cross-culturally. 

My marketing strategy hinged heavily on word of mouth. It was organic in every way. The design paired with storytelling that resonated with many, made marketing and advertising that much easier. 
400-500 riders from the Cleveland area
4 local partners
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